Photon essence of consciousness - photon world - UFO/UAP.                          March 30, 2021

Let us consider the essence of consciousness purely materialistically. Consciousness is thus a product of the brain, or its interaction with the whole body of a human or other developed animal.

So what is consciousness in essence? Are they cells / neurons? Definitely not. Consciousness is the result of the electrochemical interaction of these cells / neurons. This interaction, like all others, except the interactions in the atomic nuclei and the gravitational interaction, is mediated by photons and virtual photons. Consciousness, then is these photons, and therefore consciousness has a clear photonic essence, even from a purely materialistic point of view.

The world around us appears to us, as a material, formed by matter, that is, matter and field. This is, but only a very good theory, that it is so.

We can be convinced only of the existence of particles that mediate this world to us, create its appearance. These particles are mainly photons or virtual photons. With the atoms of my hypothetical body, I cannot directly "touch" the atoms of another object, nor can I see them directly. The fact, that my hand can grab another object and that object does not fall through my hand (as if I were a ghost) is caused by the electromagnetic interaction created by the photons. It is the same with sight.

A real physicist, so asking what is the source of all those photons, should answer: "I don't know, but at the moment, a very good theory is the one that claims to be electrons and other particles according to the Standard Model of Particle Physics."

There are more basic interactions that create our world. There is a strong interaction created by gluons, but this only works in atomic nuclei. Atoms are, but only a theory, as we see, and therefore a strong interaction is just a theory embedded in a theory, so I don't have to deal with it in this article.

I will not mention the weak interaction either, because it is not basic, at least in my opinion, because it is mediated by particles with non-zero room mass.

Gravitational interaction, but I must consider, because it, like the photon (electromagnetic) interaction, creates the illusion of the world around us. Gravity is currently understood as a manifestation of a curved space-time. It is, but only a mathematical construction, that very successfully describes the macro-universe in our immediate vicinity. The essence of gravity will be in the interaction mediated by the hypothetical graviton particle. But we don't know this particle or the essence of this interaction yet.

In this way, in the end, we get to the only entity whose existence we can be 100% convinced of, and that is our mind, our consciousness. So, do we need photons/gravitons at all ? If we wanted to continue purely philosophically, then probably not, but I'm not interested anymore. So I think that photons and gravitons are as real as our consciousness, but the existence of everything else is just a very good theory for now. In the future, however, this theory will certainly be replaced by a fundamentally different, and sometimes even absolute, fundamental truth.


UFOs / UAPs, as physical spaceships manned by the physical bodies of aliens, which we can shoot down, or may crash, and the armies will take them to secret bases, where they will study them, I consider nonsense. Photographs and videos of such objects are therefore frauds. Only such photos and videos of fraud are not, which show the stupid attempts of the armies to construct something like this.

If there are aliens on our planet, then they are here, in my opinion, only in the form of photon objects. If these objects glow in the visible spectrum, we can see them with our own eyes as glowing, shining objects. They are actually representations of the consciousness of these extraterrestrials, who have already revealed the photonic nature of consciousness and therefore no longer have to exist in the illusion of the physical body.

If such an object is close to us, it can interact with our consciousness, which also has a photonic essence, and creates images in it, which we now call hallucinations.

supplemented on 2.7.2023:

A new era of UFO/UAP secrecy begins. Nowadays, it is no longer just about mysterious flying objects, the nature of which we cannot reveal. Even in the past, there were many statements, in my opinion rather the inventions of bored retirees and fantasists, that there are shot down or crashed flying objects that various top secret services hide, study and try to reverse engineer them.

Currently, however, the situation is changing, because credible witnesses (e.g. David Grash) officially testify under oath that there are secret services to search for crashed flying objects that were not built by humans and are not piloted by humans. They also testify to the fact that this search has already been successful several times and there are these objects in the possession of secret services even with non-human crew.

I am still convinced that if they exist, they cannot be aliens, but an earthly race, different from us humans. This race has been here much longer than us, is much more advanced and is currently hiding from us because it feels threatened by us. In the ancient past, when before us these non-human earthlings could play gods and use us for their needs, they contacted us, but then our evolution got out of their control. Today, even though we may have less perfect weapons than them, we are already a real threat to them. This is also why this secret is so carefully guarded, because this non-human earthly race, even if it has significantly more perfect means of transportation than us, cannot escape from us into space. If they were aliens, they could go back, to where they came from, if they felt threatened by us.

These human secret services, which maintain this secret, have long since broken free from the control of governments, the leadership of countries and operate on principles, that are not compatible with the law, the constitution of countries, in essence, they operate criminally from the point of view of the law. This is, for example a problem, that many congressmen in the USA are not comfortable with now, and they are showing it.

supplemented on 13.september 2023

 ... and have we here bodies of non-human intelligence ???

I think they are not aliens, but not human-built biological drones-robots (or human fraud, fake). We humans can only build mechanical drone-robots. We have already figured out that by directly programming them, we cannot ensure that they can perform human activities, for example taking care of a disabled person. We firmly believe that artificial intelligence will help us in this. However, a more advanced civilization may be able to directly construct genetic information so that it grows and develops into a biological drone-robot, with properties as needed. For such a creature to be considered a drone-robot and not a being with rights, then legislation must be created to determine what maximum percentage of genetic information can be used from a living creature. Such biological drones-robots can then be used by non-human intelligence to explore our civilization safely for them.


supplemented on 15, april, 2024

I have come to the opinion that the earthly non-human intelligence I mentioned is actually genetically compatible with us, except that it developed in a different historical line. Everything else I mentioned is correct in my opinion.


- a hypothetical Atlantis with a highly developed civilization

- the hypothetical destruction of Atlantis by a surface disaster

- the escape of this civilization to a safer long-term environment, as its technologies allow it, the depths of the oceans, seas and other large bodies of water

- structures around the world that cannot be explained by our historical line of civilization

- the effort of the governments (USA, Egypt, China) to conceal everything that could lead to the discovery of this civilization parallel to ours (I mentioned the reason)

- ancient texts "the gods liked our women, so they had children with them"

- cases, albeit not unequivocally proven, when the witness mentions the UFO crew as people who speak an unknown language (perhaps on purpose)

author: Richard Palkovac (Pálkováč)


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